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A VI Analyzer test that can save you from hair loss

Before I get to the main topic – let me ask you a question. What is wrong with this code? The answer is pretty obvious, but for me, only after a few hours of... Read more

Adopting New Technology (Part 2)

Recap In my last post I said I would follow up with more detail on some aspects of my experience with investigating the latest technologies.  I’ve been using my... Read more

Package Managers, the whats, whys and hows

Introduction I have been waiting for a package manager like GPM for a long time and it is finally here. We have tried multiple options for reusing code and all of... Read more

Automated Testing is not just for High Volume Processes

Introduction I have been having some discussions with clients recently about Test Automation in general, which sparked some thoughts about the misconception that it... Read more

MLUG went Virtual and Global!

We faced a bit of a dilemma when COVID-19 hit and it was clear that our Summer Midlands LabVIEW User Group was not going to take place in the way that we had planned.... Read more

Home Schooling!

As a lot of us are, I have adapted my working week to fit in with the closure of schools, which means I am one of the teachers (along with my wife) in the Woodhams home... Read more


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