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MLUG 2020 - the what and the where answered!

As everyone is thinking about the end of 2019 we are well underway with planning for our first MLUG of 2020! This will be held on Thursday 6th February and we will be... Read more

MLUG taken to new level with great turnout at CU Coventry!

Our Autumn MLUG was our largest yet with over 50 attendees present at CU Coventry, this consisted of our regular MLUG attendees, a lot of new professionals within the... Read more

Scheduling: It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it

When it comes to profitability, so much is down to how you make things, rather than what you make. You can seek optimisations in the manufacturing process and push to... Read more

Presenting at GDevCon#2 - thoughts and reflections

I wanted to put together a post about presenting at GDevCon2, which was my first experience of an audience of more than 20 people, with a few thoughts on how I felt the... Read more

Achieving a Unified View of Your Data

There is a joke about a man who is working his way down the street, digging holes, while a colleague follows him, filling them in immediately. A passer-by asks why... Read more

Argenta’s Managing Director, Chris Woodhams, is a Winner!

It was a big surprise when Chris got an email from National Instruments in May to advise that he had been nominated in the ‘User Group Outstanding Leader’ category for... Read more


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