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Argenta organise and run the Midlands LabVIEW User Group (MLUG), which has been going since October 2014. We set up the user group to encourage the community to share experiences and learn from one another. In recognition of all his hard work, Chris recently won the 'User Group Outstanding Leader' award from National Instruments.

Every LabVIEW engineer has the development environment in common, but with so many ways of doing things and so many different applications there is always an opportunity to learn from each other. We meet three times a year and move the location of meetings around, but keeping it in the West Midlands area.

What can you expect from a MLUG meeting:

  • An afternoon, three times a year, of LabVIEW discussion featuring experienced professionals delivering presentations on a mix of technical topics and case studies.
  • Hardware and software demonstrations of National Instruments platforms you might not yet have seen or used.
  • The opportunity to network with like-minded, friendly individuals who are always happy to chat LabVIEW over a cup of coffee!
  • A Coding Challenge to put your LabVIEW skills to the test.
  • Attendance at the User Group also contributes to re-certification of LabVIEW qualifications and is a valuable CPD activity.
  • Cake!

Join us for the next User Group, taking place on Wednesday 14th October from 1.00pm. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic we will be going online again for our next meeting. The agenda will be available very soon! There is no maximum numbers for our virtual meeting so feel free to share wide and far, a great opportunity to attend an event you might not normally be able to access. Please sign up so we can send you the details for logging on. 

Details about the last User Group can be found here.


Call 0121 318 6363 to discuss your requirements