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A great MLUG end to 2022

What a finale to the MLUG year! We had another great attendance for our last MLUG of 2022, don't worry more is to come in 2023 but for now let's round up what took place.

It was the first time that both of our presenters were stateside, and both were first time MLUG presenters - lot's of great firsts in this one!

Chris kicked off the meeting with a review of GDevCon#3, which if you weren't aware (where have you been hiding!) was held in Amsterdam earlier this year, and event videos are now live. He also wanted to throw in a little bit of information about the STEM ambassador role that he's playing. Both things that Chris is very passionate about! 

Our first presenter was Darren Nattinger who is Chief Technical Support Engineer at NI, and very well known in the LabVIEW world having been involved in the LabVIEW community for many years.   

Darren presented "An End to Brainless LabVIEW Programming" through which he shared lots of insights into avoiding writing inefficient (or incorrect) code, writing code that is difficult to read and debug and wasting time writing code that just isn't needed. It's very easy to get in to a habit, and Darren identified very clearly that we shouldn't be doing things just for the sake of doing them, or because someone suggested it was best practice. 

There were some real nuggets in here and it was great to hear some NI stories chucked in for good measure! This is definitely one to watch on our YouTube channel.

Our second guest was Francois Normandin who is Senior Lead, Test Automation Software Engineer at Rivian and a LabVIEW champion so also well known. His presentation was another first for MLUG, with his focus being on the use of the MQTT protocol as a communication backplane, and was titled "Building Distributed Systems with MQTT". Francois has very kindly shared his slides and source code, which can be found here.

MQTT is one of those tools used widely within IoT and this presentation gave a great overview of the open source code that Francois has developed to enable it to be easily accessible within LabVIEW. Francois covered a number of different examples and showed the comprehensive set of functions that are available. Definitely another one to check out on YouTube!

If that review has made you hungry to learn more, then subscribe to our YouTube channel where we will upload the recordings for each presenter. It also houses past presentations, so go a take a look!

Our next user group on 1st March 2023 will hopefully be in person - if you're happy to host then please get in touch with Jenny to discuss further! We are also looking for presenters, if you have an idea you'd like to run by Chris, drop him an email

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