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Working smarter & Continuous Integration: it was an MLUG you didn't want to miss!

What a user group! Our biggest attendance to date, with a great response to our two presenters, Steen Schmidt and Chris Roebuck! Once again there were so many different countries and businesses represented by those joining us online, and we are super grateful to the LabVIEW community for once again showing up. 

Here is our round up of two excellent presentations. 

Steen is one of the world's leading LabVIEW and TestStand specialists so we were delighted that he was able to share his knowledge with us. His presentation, "Save time and money by working smarter" was really well received. He looked at how modular software and automating common operations can reduce the required coding effort and increase code quality.  

It was great to see Steen’s commitment to the community with him mentioning that some of the examples he was presenting about was going to be made available to the community a some point in the future, watch this space!

Chris Woodhams, MLUG founder, identified that it was nice to have a view on automation from a development perspective, as opposed to what Argenta are used to which is automation of testing solutions. It gave everyone an appreciation for the positive impact on development time by introducing some of the principles and tools shared. 

There was great feedback from the audience, so thank you to Steen for joining us!

Another thank you goes out to Chris Roebuck, another well known and experienced member of the LabVIEW community. We really were spoilt! In his presentation, "Continuous Integration: Taking baby steps towards automated test and release with LabVIEW and TestStand", Chris took us back to the first principles of Continuous Integration and lay the foundations of why we do the things we do. He shared small pragmatic steps that could be taken that will start people benefiting from CI.

There were also some great practical examples shared with us, which really helped to add context. Once again, the feedback from the group was very positive so thank you Chris!

You can catch up by visiting our YouTube channel, all content from this MLUG will be on there soon plus lots of other content from previous meetings. 

We are hopeful that July's Midlands LabVIEW User Group will be our last wholly virtual event, and from November we can switch to a hybrid event model. We will get working on a venue! If anyone is able to support us with a venue then please get in touch, we would be very grateful for its use! The same goes for presenters, we are on the look out for in-person speakers so get in touch with Chris for a chat if you're interested.

Before that of course the Argenta team will be joining some of our user group members at GDevCon#3 in Amsterdam nexrt month, perhaps the user group of user groups! We are looking forward to seeing people in the flesh, and wowsers have you seen their line up?! 

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