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Actor Frameworks, Requirements & User Events - an action packed Autumn MLUG!

What a fantastic virtual event! Once again we surpassed all expectations with a record number of attendees at our last Midlands LabVIEW User Group which took place on 14th October. 

Whilst we would of course rather be meeting in person, what COVID has actually created is an opportunity for those not local to the Midlands to be able to join us. On this occasion this included MLUGers from America, South America, South Africa, Europe and the UK - it is great that we can bring so many more LabVIEWers in to our group. 

This event kicked off with John Medland, an electronic engineer and CLA who works at The University of Manchester. He delivered a great insight in to User Events, providing us with lots of hints and tips as he gave a practical demonstration. We talked about the different methods for registering for events and how to handle multiple events in one event structure. John had some great tips, dos and don'ts to keep you from falling into some of the traps. Then he finished off talking about the use of events for asynchronous and synchrounous communication.

Next up was Neil Pate, all the way from South Africa. A well known LabVIEW enthusiast, Neil is a freelance LabVIEW consultant and has worked for many years within the field. He built upon John's presentation and provided a really interactive presentation to show us how to create a simple but effective and scalable actor type framework starting with a blank diagram. Due to the pragmatic nature to Neil's presentation there were lots of questions and even a request to extend his slot! It was great to see someone bravely taking on the development of code in a presentation and it went very smoothly. We have shared the code Neil developed, so if you are interested in seeing that then get in touch.

Last but certainly not least, was Becky Linton who joined us from Michigan, USA further adding to the international feel of the User Group! Becky is a Senior Systems Engineer/Engineering Group Manager at Konrad Technologies and has vast experience of LabVIEW evidenced by her role of LabVIEW Champion. Once again, we had yet another interactive presentation with Becky leading the group through practical techniques for gathering and managing system requirements. As one member of the audience identified, this is essential knowledge for all LabVIEW developers. We had a great bit of debate around the real requirements that Becky shared, people voting on whether they were good or bad. Lots of people using different approaches to capturing requirements and the way you word them is critical! 

So, if this sounds like you missed out on an afternoon of LabVIEW fun then head over to our YouTube channel where you can (re)watch all of the presentations. This also has our presentations from the last two User Groups so worth getting a drink and making an evening of it!

Our next User Group is scheduled for Wednesday 10th February 2021 from 12.45pm - we are unsure at the moment if this will be virtual or in person but will be confirming all the details in the coming months so watch this space. 

It is a free event and you don't have to be a LabVIEW expert to join us, we are open to anyone who has an interest in LabVIEW at whatever level. If you would like to be added to our mailing list please get in touch. We also post all of the information on our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts so go give us a follow if you don't already!

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