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Case Studies

Please see our latest Case Studies below.

Enabling Traceability in Automotive Manufacturing

The automotive industry sets some of the highest quality standards in manufacturing, driven by a need to ensure safety and a... Read more

UKMail Brings Intelligent Software Tools to Network Design

Benefits for the business as a result of delivering this solution include:  Provided the ongoing ability to quantify the... Read more

Develop and commission a fully automated dynamometer test rig for Integrated Starter Generators

Benefits for the business as a result of delivering this solution include: Superior performance, with significant... Read more

How to maximise profits by better production planning

Introduction Despite the logical link between planning and the profitability of a business, it is not uncommon for businesses... Read more

Elevated Temperature Testing of Aerospace Fuel Control Systems

Benefits of the new system include: For Argenta’s client, the major benefit is in improved quality control, preventing a bad... Read more

Develop and commission a standardised test system for Greenbank acoustic measurement systems to optimise the use of coal in power stations

Cost savings for the power station include: No lost energy production following installation as no software changes were... Read more


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