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Argenta are specialist in developing solutions to improve processes for saving time and money

Argenta is a leading provider of Test, Measurement, Control and Automation solutions.

We use state of the art software such as LabVIEW and leading edge hardware from National Instruments to provide bespoke solutions that give our clients an edge in their marketplace.

We specialise in the Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, and Defence industries. Our clients range from global organisations to small and medium sized businesses based throughout the UK and Europe.

What makes us a first choice partner for our clients is our innovative approach, our commitment to developing the right solution and the personal service we provide. You don’t have to take our word for it - you can talk to our clients.

Call 0121 318 6363 for a no obligation discussion about your needs.

Argenta is a National Instruments Alliance Partner and an active member of the Midlands Aerospace Alliance.

Argenta are one of National Instruments' alliance partners       Argenta are specialists in developing LabVIEW solutions       Argenta are members of the Midlands Aerospace Alliance Argenta run the Midlands LabVIEW User Group

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“Argenta staff have a very good background knowledge of our test rigs and also understand what needs to be done on each project as they have a lot of experience of working in our business.”
“I cannot fault their technical knowledge, knowledge of LabVIEW and hands on experience, they understand our business needs and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.”

Aerospace business, manager in charge of new product introductions

“Argenta are our first choice when we get asked for projects that require expertise in specialist software development, usually when a bespoke system is required or with manufacturing businesses.”

Consultancy director specialising in change and new process management

“The use of more Argenta testing of the LabVIEW code ensured that there were no bugs in the software when it was installed on site. We had made sure that a more rigorous and systematic testing process was used during the design phase. Greenbank didn’t have to carry out any software modifications to the product at the power station”

Neetin Lad, General Manager, Greenbank

“We chose Argenta because we were unable to solve the issues we had with an off the shelf product, we knew we needed a bespoke solution. Argenta provided an IT centric solution and their people really understood supply chains, the food industry and good manufacturing systems, three factors that were really important to us.”

“When we first hired Argenta our manufacturing was hugely complex, which allowed us to be very flexible. We had pieces of kit for the product manufacture and checking it was safe for human consumption feeding nine filling and packaging lines. It resembled the old ‘pipes’ screensaver with lots of interconnectivity. This meant that we couldn’t find a better way, a data-driven way, to change our production. We were grateful to Argenta for their flexibility in working with us, as our requirements changed, to deliver exactly what we wanted.”

Production Director, FMCG Food supplier

Our Clients

Argenta developed a simulation model for warehouse optimisation for Coca-Cola
Argenta developed planning software to improve the manufacturing process
Argena worked with Shell on a marine congestion study to understand capacity and flow of vessels
Argenta developed a simualtion model of the UK highway network to understand the impact of location of vehicles on performance
Argenta work with UTC to maintain and develop LabVIEW automated test applications for hydraulic test rigs
Argenta worked with Technical Services to develop a data acquisition and logger for testing cooling fans
Argenta developed a management information system using a SQL database and the .NET framework
Argenta worked with CDS to develop LabVIEW solutions for automated test, data acquisition and control
Argenta works with Pera to deliver LabVIEW expertise in data acquisition on real time operating systems using compact rio
Argenta works with Greenbank to develop LabVIEW applications on real time and FPGA platforms for their product range