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Running the world's biggest wind farm is a mammouth task

This article, by Joe Hibbert, published in The Institution of Mechanical Engineers magazine, shows how improvements in wind turbine technology are delivering better... Read more

Productivity fuels growth for Midlands aerospace

The Midlands aerospace cluster continues on the path of growth it has followed for the past decade, according to the 10th Midlands Aerospace Alliance annual business... Read more

Midlands LabVIEW user group on Monday 20th July 2015

We’d love to welcome all LabVIEW users to our successful Midlands group. Our previous meetings were very well received. Delegates liked the open and supportive feel... Read more

Continued success for the Midlands LabVIEW User Group

The fourth meeting of the Midlands LabVIEW User Group on 13th April was another great success with the event welcoming new and returning members as the word spreads... Read more

Midlands Aerospace Conference a success for sponsors Argenta

The recent conference in Wolverhampton championed the continuing success of the aerospace industry, underlying the importance of the sector for the Midlands. First time... Read more

NI Alliance Summit 2015

There was some really interesting discussions at the National Instruments (NI) Alliance Partner Summit this year. It was held at NI’s UK headquarters in Newbury and... Read more


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