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MLUG went Virtual and Global!

We faced a bit of a dilemma when COVID-19 hit and it was clear that our Summer Midlands LabVIEW User Group was not going to take place in the way that we had planned. But never fear, we jumped on the virtual event bandwagon and were delighted when this attracted new MLUGers from across the globe! This just reiterates how important these community events are at this time and how they can open up User Groups to people who may not usually have access. 

There was an extended line-up of 4 presenters plus a review of our turn back time MLUG Coding Challenges so it was definitely jam packed with LabVIEW content. Here's a short review of what was on offer:

First up was Ingram Weeks who delivered a great presentation titled "Abstracted Data Handling that'll put a Smile on your [Inter]face” which was well received. He looked at how early adoption of abstraction in development can help manage changes to data. There was lots of detail and demonstrations which really helped to show the UG how he used his approach.

We then moved on to Matthew Fergusson who is a Process Development Engineer at Crown Technology. His presentation "Think Outside the Tab Control" focused on improving the look and feel of User Interfaces within LabVIEW. Matt talked us through some examples of UI requirements with some great dynamic approaches to handling multiple screens (not necessarily connected monitors!) and different configurations for different user types.

After a short comfort break, sorry we couldn't provide the cake this time, we turned to Craig Walker. Craig is Group Technical Director at Cooper Technology and has been a regular MLUG attendee for a number of years. He introduced his experience of using the LabVIEW Scilab Gateway, the first time it has featured at MLUG. He talked about the benefit of it, it is open source, has a nice development environemnt and of course, easily integrates with LabVIEW. He also braved the demo to show us some examples of the different types of signal processing and data analysis that are available.

Last but most definitely not least was Greg Payne from Labvolution. Greg is very active on Twitter about his beer brewing and we were looking forward to doing some tasting but unfortunately that was not to be this time round! However, he provided the UG with a great insight in to how he is using LabVIEW Community Edition, hosted on a Raspberry Pi, to brew beer at home. We wonder how many will have been inspired and are now creating their own homebrew! 

A massive thanks to all of those who presented and took part in the Coding Challenges - if you missed out or want to watch again then head over to our YouTube channel where the presentations have been uploaded. 

We are now planning our Autumn MLUG which will take place on Wednesday 14th October from 1pm UK Time. We are unsure whether this will be an in person or virtual event but either way put it in your diaries! If you would like to present then get in touch - you can see from this, and previous UG's, that a wide array of topics are featured so there really isn't much that is off limits! If in doubt have a chat with Chris.

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