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Summer MLUG goes Online!

In the somewhat uncertain times of COVID-19, we are happy to bring some positive news of the next Midlands LabVIEW User Group. Whilst we may not be able to meet up in person, as with many other events, we are taking MLUG online! The date is Wednesday 10th June, we will be live from 1pm.

We are delighted to be able to welcome four (yes four!) new presenters to the MLUG floor, check out the agenda here. Such a great line up, you won’t want to miss out. As we have done for the past couple of meetings we will be recording the event and so if you can’t be online with us at the time, you can catch up later.

So, in no particular order, take a look at what we have in store for you.

Ingram WeeksComputer Controlled Solutions

Abstracted Data Handling that'll put a Smile on your [Inter]face”

The scope of software tends to grow over time. Some ideas can be adopted early on in development in order to manage changes to data. 

Typical applications in industry can involve acquiring data of differing types from multiple sources. Data may then be transported from source to multiple locations through some medium. A structured approach to the development of a set of classes specifically allowing data to handle itself can enable the developer to add and reuse functionality. Smaller applications can benefit from a class-based approach to data-handling as an alternative to rushing to structure data at source reducing issues arising from application growth.

Greg PayneLabvolution

Brewing Beer with LabVIEW CE

Since the beta release of LabVIEW Community Edition (CE), I have converted my homebrew kit to use LabVIEW CE and WebVIs. Everything runs and is hosted on a single Raspberry Pi. The system contains a SQLite database, webvi front end, python scripting and a few other neat features. 

Matthew FergussonCrown Technology

Think Outside the Tab Control

When it comes to developing User Interfaces, I think it is fair to say that LabVIEW is not the most elegant or attractive out of the box, but how can you improve the look and feel using what you have got? Instead of going through general tips and tricks to improve your user interface design let’s take a look at some real world UI requirements that needed some thought (and planning) and how to go about tackling them.

Craig Walker - Cooper Technology

Numerical Computation with LabVIEW and Scilab

Experiences using the LabVIEW Scilab Gateway for end user customisable, open source, signal processing and data analysis.

Why not also have a go at our MLUG challenges, if you follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter you might have seen our most recent challenge being released. Check that out here and look out for more coming your way!

So if this whets your appetite then sign up to receive all of the details of how to access the User Group once we have got everything up and running (scroll to the bottom of the web page to find the link). You don’t have to be a LabVIEW expert to join us, and it is open to everyone so spread the MLUG word far and wide.

Any questions please do just get in touch with us.

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