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First MLUG of 2020 a great success!

Firstly a big thank you to everyone who came to our first MLUG of 2020 last month, we were joined by lots of new faces as well as a good presence online which was great to see! Thank you to Ian and ZF-TRW for hosting and to National Instruments for providing us with some lunch - much appreciated especially by those travelling.

Once again we had three very experienced presenters joining us, two of whom had not been to, or presented at, MLUG before so it was nice to show them what we were all about. So what's a quick recap.

First up was Neil Crossan from Dyson, a first timer at MLUG but a very experienced member of the LabVIEW community and working as a Senior Test Systems Engineer. Neil gave us a fantastic introduction to an alternative, Linux only, approach to LabVIEW systems providing the audience with demonstrations galore! Of course it’s always good to learn some new hacks! At the moment we can't share the content but if you watch back on our YouTube channel you will be able to take a look for yourself. If this changes we will of course update the blog.

Next up, Argenta's own Chris Woodhams who was following up on a presentation delivered at our Autumn MLUG. Once again, there was lots of interaction and discussion. Chris really appreciated all of the input which definitely got him thinking about a few things, requirements gateway being one of them! Watch this space for another instalment - this could potentially have endless content opportunities! 

Finally we were joined online by Maciej Kolosko all the way from his base in Canada. Another first time MLUGer we were delighted to have him with us - Maciej is Principal Software Engineer and Owner of Blue Cog Software Inc., again another very experienced member of the community so a great opportunitiy to hear from him. Maciej's presentation was called "Developing distributed systems with LabVIEW and ZMQ", a really interesting subject that applies to all sorts of applications. The demos were a little cursed but gave a great insight into how it works and the seamless nature of reconnecting was something that caught people’s attention. Maciej has very kindly shared his presentation with us. 

It was a full on session, but so great to have such enthusiasm for all of our speakers who all got bombarded with questions and comments! If you missed it then hop over to our YouTube channel where the live stream can be found.

Our next MLUG will be held Wednesday 10th June 2020 from 12.45pm - we are still working on the finer details but as soon we have them you will be the first to know! If you would like to present at a future MLUG then get in touch so we can have a chat about what you would like to cover. 

Anyone who either uses LabVIEW within their current role or works with LabVIEW would be sure to find this event useful and informative, as well as being a good opportunity to network. It is FREE to attend and you can build up reaccreditation points from attending. If you're not signed up to our MLUG mailing list then get in touch and we will add you on so you never miss out on MLUG news.

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