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MLUG taken to new level with great turnout at CU Coventry!

Our Autumn MLUG was our largest yet with over 50 attendees present at CU Coventry, this consisted of our regular MLUG attendees, a lot of new professionals within the LabVIEW community, students from Undergraduate engineering programmes and staff from CUC. It was fantastic to see such a mix of people all enjoying the same content, with the LabVIEW developers of the future taking it all in!

We were very grateful to be hosted by CU Coventry at their new campus, the seminar room was perfect and provided us with all the space and technology we needed. For the first time we also live streamed the session via our new YouTube channel which gave those living abroad but wanting to join in, the opportunity to do so. This is something we definitely plan to incorporate in to all future MLUG meetings. We recorded the session as well so anyone who missed out do check that out.

We had three presentations and a coding challenge to entertain everyone!

First up was CU Coventry student Bob-Kelvin who delivered an informative presentation about a project he has developed within his academic programme. He talked through his project where he had developed a temperature monitoring and alarming system using a NI USB DAQ device and LabVIEW. He had completed this project in a short period of time and it was really impressive to see his achievements from zero LabVIEW knowledge to a working application.

We were delighted to welcome James McNally back to MLUG, it had been a while but we don't hold that against him! James focused on the practical aspects of OOP. A great introduction to those who aren't familiar with this programming concept. James has very kindly shared his presentation slides, and of course you can watch his presentation online. 

To break things up the next part of the event was the coding challenge which focused on developing a VI which could predict the winner of the Rugby World Cup. Thanks to Leah Edwards and Jonathan Hobson for sending in their VI's, Leah gave us a great demonstration with hers giving an insight in to how she had built her code. A great learning part of the session which we always like to include, feel free to send us any ideas you have for future challenges!

Argenta Managing Director, Chris Woodhams, finished up the User Group with an interactive presentation which focused on how projects can be completed successfully. The prime idea behind this was to share good practice and ideas about how the wider community manages this really important element of business. Chris got lots of feedback with the community coming forward with ideas and pointers which he will be putting together in a future blog piece so watch this space!

All in all, a busy but great MLUG! We are very much looking forward to the next User Group which we are planning to hold on Thursday 6th February 2020. Venue is yet to be confirmed but as soon as we have those details we will confirm the sign up link. We are delighted to already have one speaker lined up. Neil Crossan from Dyson will be joining us - his presentation has the intriguing title of “LabVIEW Linux hacks”, so look out for more info on that and our other speakers! If you would like to present at a future MLUG do get in touch with us as we are always on the lookout for speakers. 

If you would like to sign up to our mailing list to ensure that you get regular updates on everything related to MLUG then let us know!  

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