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The Global Supply Chain Debate Event

The Global Supply Chain Debate is an annual event hosted by Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG). It is intended to bring together senior professionals from a range of backgrounds to discuss and debate perspectives on the supply chain, and the role that the UK can play as part of a network of global supply chains.

Jeff Woodhams, Technical Director at Argenta, attended for the first time and found the event to be very well organised and impressive both in terms of the calibre of the speakers and the number and seniority of the attendees. The fact that the key note speakers included the President of Boeing UK and Ireland and the Shadow Business Secretary speaks for itself.

The event was by no means a ‘sit back and listen’ type of conference, there were a number of workshop activities which encouraged participation and debate.

On the evening of the first day there was a less formal event involving poetry readings and art displays. Jeff said that 'it was tempting to dismiss this as a gimmick and many of the attendees were sceptical initially. However, I found it to be very interesting, presenting supply chains in a completely different light." Part of Professor Janet Godsell’s focus is on increasing public engagement in supply chains, in particular seeing an artistic representation of supply chains highlighted both their complexity and the fact that there are huge differences between the supply chains of different companies.

Apart from the interesting content of the workshops and speeches Jeff found that it was very useful to make new contacts in the supply chain field and to meet up again with people that he had worked with several years ago. He looks forward to the next event which will be held in November 2016.

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