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NI Alliance Summit 2015

There was some really interesting discussions at the National Instruments (NI) Alliance Partner Summit this year. It was held at NI’s UK headquarters in Newbury and attended by Alliance Partners from the North European Region.

There was some interesting presentations from fellow Alliance Partners and some information on the latest product releases from NI. These include InsightCM and Semiconductor ATE.

NI InsightCM Enterprise is a software solution with tightly integrated hardware options for monitoring critical and ancillary rotating equipment. With this solution, you can acquire, analyse, and visualise data from a wide breadth of sensors to interpret the health of your machines with confidence. Companies can use this cost-effective, open, and flexible solution to monitor a larger percentage of their fleet and meet evolving maintenance requirements.

When choosing a condition monitoring solution, the first and most important step is to understand the types of machines to monitor and the failure modes to detect. Across many industries, companies are looking to not only monitor critical rotating machines, such as turbines in power generation, but also realize the equal importance of monitoring ancillary equipment, such as fans, compressors, and pumps, to gain insight into the health of their overall operations and truly add business impact value. NI InsightCM Enterprise ensures a cost-effective, open, and flexible solution that companies can use to monitor a larger percentage of their fleets, meet evolving maintenance needs, and integrate into business operations.

The Semiconductor Test System (STS) series features fully production-ready test systems that use NI technology in a form factor suitable for a semiconductor production test environment. The STS combines the NI PXI platform, TestStand test management software, and LabVIEW graphical programming inside a fully enclosed test head. Its “tester in a head” design houses all the key components of a production tester including system controllers; DC, AC, and RF instrumentation; device under test (DUT) interfacing; and device handler/prober docking mechanics. This compact design eliminates the extra floor space, power, and maintenance required by traditional ATE testers that unnecessarily increase the cost of test.

Additionally, with the open, modular STS design, you can take advantage of the latest industry-standard PXI modules for more instrumentation and computing power.

Argenta are looking forward to their second year as an Alliance Partner and developing their relationship with NI in 2015.