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Guest Speakers at the LabVIEW User Group on Monday, 13th April

Engineers who are preparing to take either the National Instrument LabVIEW Developer or LabVIEW Architect certification exams will benefit enormously from coming along to this free event.

Code Architecture for Certification by Mathis Baumert from Intelligent Energy
Mathis Baumert of Intelligent Energy will be giving very practical advice and help to those preparing for either of these examinations. Because the exams are a timed practical exercise it’s important that candidates plan and practice as much as possible as part of their preparation. The pass mark is high, set at 70% or more, so engineers need to appreciate where it is easier to gain or lose marks to reduce the stress of taking the test and increase their likelihood of success.

For the Developer level, candidates have to produce a functioning piece of code from a graphic representation given at the start. Candidates often create more pressure for themselves if they get stuck with a specific piece of code, losing them precious time in the exam. By following the planning steps Mathis will explain, candidates will be aware of the other elements being assessed (documentation and style as well as functionality) and so score higher marks in their exam.

For the LabVIEW Architect exam, instead of being assessed for their ability to simply create code, the candidates are faced with creating an elegant, modular framework, around which the more detailed software code can be added. For this exam, the greatest challenge is finishing on time. The decision making processes have to be clearly mapped out in a logical manner with the correct sequences in place and the timing of the events specified. Mathis will share his tried and trusted method for approaching the task and his “speed coding” practice exercises.

Live Code Review Facilitated by Chris Woodhams of Argenta
The second session of the day is devoted to a live group exercise in analysing and improving code, facilitated by Chris Woodhams of Argenta. Group members asked for this to be included at a future event and it is being done at the CLA summit this year. Collaborative sharing of ideas and approaches to a problem means everyone in the group will be learning and honing their coding skills.

Event Details:
Date and time: Monday, 13th April
Venue: Controls and Data Services
Shaftmoor Lane,
B28 8SW

Registration: It’s free to come along, however please let us know to expect you on site on the day. Simply e-mail: or phone us on 0121 318 6363.