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Alim’s hard work earns him two certifications!

In 2015 we were proud to report that one of our Systems Developers, Alim Khanan, had successfully achieved the Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer qualification. Alim expressed ambitions for the future of going on to achieve the next step of LabVIEW certifications within a year. Earlier this year he did just that and we can now announce that Alim has achieved not one but two new National Instruments qualifications! He is now a Certified Teststand Developer (CTD) and a Certified LabVIEW Developer (CLD), enhancing to Argenta’s cababilities not just in LabVIEW but Teststand too.

Argenta’s Managing Director Chris Woodhams was understandably proud of Alims’ achievements in such a short amount of time and commented that ‘Alim has worked incredibly hard alongside his normal work load to prepare and pass these exams. He is extremely dedicated to enhancing his knowledge of LabVIEW and this is clear in him obtaining these new qualifications. These certifications help Argenta to evidence to their clients that they are experts in their field and help support our track record of providing effective Test, Measurement, Control and Automation solutions to our customers’.

Alim advised that ‘these qualifications have been something I have aimed to achieve since choosing a career developing solutions using NI products, I’m now looking forward to the next stage’. As ever Alim continues to push himself further and is now working towards his next target of achieving the next level of qualifications for both Teststand and LabVIEW – that of Architect. We will be supporting him every inch of the way!

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